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Collected Honda accord y-day evening, job well done. THX a lot.

It was a great experience. I had an accident involving the damage of Front LH Bumper, Front LH door and Mirror, Front LH Wheel Liner. I was suggested this Garage by QIC.Customer service agent Fah

Pratik Gokani


This car repair company is really outstanding, for service, courtesy, and satisfaction of repairs, with quality work. Not only that but they are fast. Painting jobs and parts prices are all very

Mohamud Verjee



Key Technical Services exhibit good quality workmanship in vehicle denting. We have a capable and performance oriented team to carry out the denting work for any variety of vehicles according to the specific requirement of the client.

We take up all kinds of vehicle maintenance and repair work in case of a vehicle damaged by an accident. You bring the scrap and we build a new vehicle for you. Our state of art technology and experienced, professional staff make it possible to convert a scrap into a beautifully crafted vehicle. People need not worry if their vehicle is damaged by an accident as we have the expertise to rewind the vehicle to its initial structure and shape. We also assist car towing facility anywhere in Qatar that will help you get your car to the workshop and get it mended. Our accident works combines all our other departments and work efficiently in converting any car into a brand new one.


Key Technical Services consists of a detailed classification structure and comprehensive professional skills thus enable customer satisfaction to expand at the maximum pace with our specialization in Auto body Repairing. This allows customer to satisfy with the quality and services solution in an effective and efficient way. We are also dedicated to providing excellent Insurance claim consultation to ensure superior customer service.

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